Today it was near 80 degrees outside and perfect weather to have dinner outside and enjoy a workout rest day. I was going to try to do a short run but it was way too hot when I got home. We made it through the first week! Even though I consider myself pretty active to begin with, this program is intense but enjoyable! Each workout is about an hour long but the time goes by fast, especially when you are trying to keep up. The first 3 weeks follow the same schedule with the last day being a rest day. Yoga is definitely my favorite (yes, I am biased and will always lean towards yoga) but the others are great too, especially the weight training. Right now, my biggest struggle is the pull up bar but I’ll give it some time. I am ready to start week 2 tomorrow 🙂

Since I gave up chocolate for lent, I had to find a new protein drink to supplement the workouts. I decided to try EAS Advantedge Carb Control in French Vanilla. Yummmmm! It is like having an iced vanilla latte but much healthier.

Key Nutritional Facts (each 11oz container):

  • 17g protein
  • 110 cal
  • 2g carbs
  • 1g fiber
  • 3g fat
  • 5mg cholesterol (this one was important to me since so many protein drinks tend to have a lot of cholesterol)
  • Vitamins and minerals

It is a little expensive but since I have a hard time sticking to the same thing every day, I really needed something that I would enjoy. I highly recommend!

Pre-wedding workout: 83 days left P90x

  • Thursday- ~60 min kenpo karate
  • Friday- rest


Wedding countdown: 120 days