Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, I am starting to see trees and others plants blooming with flowers. I love that Atlanta is a city with trees and parks, not just skyscrapers. I am so excited for the colors of spring.

While driving and thinking about colors, I started to think about our wedding. The wedding colors are navy blue and white (and no it is not a penn state themed wedding, although it crossed our minds).  I love this color combination but since the wedding is in the summer I wanted to add a bright accent color. We decided to add yellow as an accent.

Now I know I have mentioned flower centerpieces before, but I started to think of additional options. Why not fruit???? Fruit could bring vibrant colors and they would not die in a day like the flowers. Buying fruit in bulk can be more affordable and you could donate the leftovers afterwards (or make tons of lemonade!). So, I started looking at ideas and here some things I am considering:

This is a mixed citrus vases. I would probably do mine with lemons and maybe a navy ribbon?

Now I do not want to rule out flowers completely so this could be an option??

I am still trying to figure out the final details but I think these can be great options, especially for our summer wedding!

Pre-wedding workout: 85 days left P90X

  • Tuesday- ~85min yoga
  • Wednesday-~75 min legs, back (the pull up bar is my new enemy!), abs


Wedding countdown: 122 days