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So, after a beautiful first day in the Badlands, we were in for a real surprise. Somehow overnight the weather went from this

IMG_3263to this!

IMG_3269I should have known that something was wrong when we saw people leaving early in the morning. Apparently, a tornado storm was rolling through the midwest. The park ranger informed us that the storm would be there in a few hours and that we needed to leave due to the golf ball sized hail and tornadoes that were touching ground. Considering we were camping in a large, open, flat land area, it wasn’t exactly the safest place to be. We tried to think of another park to visit/camp but the storm was passing through several of the surrounding states. Then, we thought of maybe getting a hotel for a night but the storms were predicted to remain for a few days.

This is where you need to be flexible with your travels. We decided to pack up (and rushed to do so since it started to really storm) and drive back to Nebraska to figure out what to do the rest of our time there. Sure, I could be bummed that things didn’t work out as planned, but that wouldn’t change anything. Instead, I’m glad that we got out of there before things got worse and we still had a great time hanging out. So we went back to Omaha, NE and found some fun things to do there!