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When you travel that far (especially by car) you might as well keep going, right? That was my mindset after we finished up at Mt. Rushmore. Since Mt. Rushmore is somewhat close to the Wyoming border line, I used my persuasion skills to convince the group that we should drive a little father out into Wyoming. It would be another new state to add to my list.

So off we went to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming!

IMG_3234 IMG_3242 IMG_3247The weather was absolutely perfect (as you can see by the clear blue sky) for exploring devils tower. First we drove around to see it all and then eventually parked to walk around. Hikers can walk around the tower and climbers and scale the walls. We did not have the time, nor the equipment to do either. Instead, we walked around part of one side and took some pictures.

Because I took us 3 hours away from where we were supposed to be camping/hiking, we decided to pack back in the car and drive to our original destination. It was a lot of fun taking detours to see these monuments and I’m glad we took advantage of driving through the area. The driving out here is just amazing. It’s so flat and open, much different from my usual driving along the east coast. The views are just so calming. I can see why people enjoy driving out in the Midwest. AND there wasn’t any traffic!