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Wow, summer seems to just be flying by! It is already almost mid-July. I feel like it was recently that I was planning for our trip to the Midwest and now it has been quite some time since we came back. Overall we had a great time but I was reminded of a very important lesson. No matter how much you plan, things can change and you need to be flexible!

Eric and I flew out of Atlanta with plans to arrive in Nebraska and go camping in the Badlands in South Dakota. My cousin and his wife live in Nebraska so we were meeting them to begin our journey. Flying in the summer is very chaotic, especially with the frequent storms we have been having lately. After a few delays, we made it to Nebraska late at night.

The trip started after we loaded our car with all of the gear and left for South Dakota around 4am. Since this was my first trip to South Dakota, I convinced the group to add the extra driving time to go see Mt. Rushmore. Realistically, I wasn’t sure that I would be back in this area any time soon so this was my chance.

Driving through South Dakota is so different compared to our usual holiday drives of Georgia to Maryland. Everything is so flat and open. Once you approach the Mt Rushmore area, you first drive through a little town that was clearly developed for all of the tourists. Then, after winding up the road we entered and I could see the carvings from a distance. I was excited to see the monument (and get out from sitting in the car).

FB_IMG_13717527292339673 IMG_3213 IMG_3225It was amazing to see this in person and really think about how it was created. Most of the carving was done using dynamite. Can you imagine this level of detail and the amount of control needed to use the explosives?! While there, I learned that the carvings were actually made to become more defined over time as erosion took effect. Now that is some serious forward thinking! I could have spent hours just sitting there, staring in awe. I was so happy we made the last-minute decision to come out here and it was a great way to begin our trip!