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We also spent some time in Manhattan. We, along with our friends, decided to visit the 9/11 memorial since it would be the first time for all of us. It is free to enter and you can get tickets there or beforehand online (there is a $2 processing fee but it goes towards the memorial). We registered for tickets online and I highly suggest that anyone visiting should do the same. You pick a time that you will be there and avoid waiting in most of the lines. Yes, there was still a wait, but nowhere near as long as the people getting tickets the day of. The memorial was built at the site of the twin towers. Once you enter, the sound of the water drowns out all of the noise of the city making it a peaceful place in the heart of the city. IMG_20130608_151252_983 IMG_20130608_162136_311 IMG_20130608_162217_779In the  background is one world trade center, also called the “freedom tower” by some of the people we spoke to. It’s hard to really see what the memorial is like so I recommend visiting in person.

Since we were walking around lower Manhattan in the financial district, we walked around wall street and eventually boarded the Staten Island ferry. My friend mentioned that the ferry is free and you would be able to see nice views of the statue of liberty and the lower Manhattan skyline.

IMG_20130608_134047_610 IMG_20130608_134853_949It was really neat and something to definitely take advantage of because it is free.

Later that night, we decided to have drinks and play games at Fat Cat NYC. This place had a relatively affordable cover ($5), live music, and tons of games. By games I mean ping-pong, pool, chess/checkers, shuffleboard, and more! There were so many options. While it was a little crowded, it didn’t take long to get a ping-pong table and we ended up playing until 1-2am! Awesome time and a great way to wrap up a day in the city!