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So back to where I left off. Our first stop on the road trip was to visit Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. It is less than 5 hrs from Atlanta and the time change gave us an extra hour to spend there. We left late morning and arrived just in time to buy tickets to explore parts of the cave. I can see how it is called Mammoth cave since it is HUGE!

IMG_3137 IMG_3153My favorite part was when the guide shut off all of the electricity inside and asked everyone to stay still and be quiet. It really illustrated just how dark it is inside the cave. I imagine the original people who discovered the cave walking around in pure darkness. Crazy!

Afterwards, we decided to take Sura for a walk around the park. The national park is large and had several hiking trails. We rented out a primitive cabin in the park (it was dog friendly) and kept Sura there while we explored the cave. The cabin had the basics: bed, bathroom, lighting. I’m glad we went in May and didn’t really need heat or air conditioning. It ended up getting a little cold at night but otherwise it was enjoyable. As you can see in the picture below, it was not anything fancy.

IMG_20130524_192726_089 IMG_20130524_190652_461I think Sura was happy to explore a new area and enjoyed here early evening walk as the temperatures began to cool. The park is beautiful and quiet. We saw wild turkeys, deer, and all sorts of birds. After the walk, I think we were tired from driving and went back to the cabin to rest up. It’s easy to just relax and sleep without any tv or radio…just the sounds of nature. We planned to wake up early in the morning to start our drive to St. Louis.