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We arrived last night after finishing our Memorial Day road trip. We decided to take advantage of the holiday and time off work to see new parts of the country, well at least new for me since Eric has already been to all 50 states. After our boot camp workout early last Friday morning, we rented a car, put Sura in the back seat, and started our journey. It reminded me of our road trip last year where we covered 2,423 miles. We only covered 1,780 miles this time around but considering we only had 4 days, I think we did a great job getting around.

UntitledI was able to visit 3 new states making my new total of visited states 34/50. Sura has been to 21 states which I consider quite the feat for a dog! We visited 2 national parks, had tons of BBQ, and even saw the Budweiser Clydesdales. Next up: Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky!