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We spent the past few days celebrating my brother’s graduation in Austin, TX.

IMG_3003The last time we were there was last August but the weather felt like nothing changed. It was scorching hot and humid! There is so much to do in the city but I feel like I need to do most of it either early in the morning or later at night. My family rented a house in the downtown area so we were able to get a more local feel instead of staying at one of the hotels. I’m proud to say that even while on vacation in hot Texas, we were able to squeeze in a run/workout (early in the morning). To escape the heat, we decided to go check out the local whole foods out there. Yes, we have a whole foods in Atlanta but since Austin is where Whole Foods started, it is much larger and even has different eateries and food stations inside. Eric was more interested in their beer refrigerator room.

IMG_20130517_175359_510No visit to Austin is complete without spending the night out on 6th street. I love how the roads are closed off in downtown as people hop from bar to bar. It reminds me a lot of New Orleans except nicer (in my opinion). The next day we drove out of Austin to see Lake Travis. It was cooler and breezy outside which made for nice outdoor lounging weather.

IMG_20130519_162605_063 IMG_20130519_164457_307We found a nice little cafe on a cliff and decided to have drinks while enjoying the view of the lake. I am told that the water levels are extremely low and usually you cannot see the land mass shown in my first lake picture. But, we still saw plenty of boats and people participating in other water sports below. It was a nice weekend away and hopefully we can go back for another visit (maybe in the winter, though).