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I have finished the 3rd week!…and I’m still alive and moving! 🙂

935205_10151470317212762_1309903807_n(pic from fitwit)

The workouts have been intense and there are days when I am so sore, I basically have to just roll out of bed. But everyone has been so friendly and helpful. Each day is a challenge and I questioned if I was even improving from day 1. But then, I started running again and have seen a lot of improvement on my endurance and strength. I have not seen a huge change in my weight but I know that there is more to fitness than a number on a scale. I feel stronger and more energized everyday. I also think that I am adjusting to waking up at 5am everyday and can be so much more productive in a day now.

I have become more interested in natural running and decided to expand from my five finger vibrams to include another minimalist shoe from innov8.

IMG_20130512_121813_339 IMG_20130512_121741_157I don’t know if hot pink would have been my first choice but the pink shoes were priced lower than the others so I went ahead and followed my frugal senses. The color is growing on me and I think I’m starting to like them. What I love is that they are flexible and have a pull-tie instead of shoe laces. The lightweight design promotes a more natural running style. It takes time to adjust from other running shoes with a thicker sole, but after the five fingers, and now these, I can feel the difference and prefer the minimalist shoe now!

Next week is our last week (unless I decide to continue with boot camp). So close!!!