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It’s time to get fit! Ironically this is happening after the beach vacation LOL

Eric and I signed up for fitwit which is a fitness training group, similar to a boot camp workout. After doing some research and watching a video, I knew I had to give it a try.

We workout for a month straight from 6-7am! Through fitwit, we have trainers and other people in our class that have been doing it for years. It’s a nice way to meet people since some of the activities involve pairing up. So far, it has been difficult adjusting to waking up that early (around 5:30am) but it’s a great feeling knowing that I am done with my daily workout before I even go to work.

It all started this past Monday. The first few days have been okay, mostly learning proper form. On Monday, we did out baseline assessments (pushups, squats, plank, jump rope, burpees…) so we can measure our progress by the end of the program. Tomorrow we start the real workouts. I’m nervous and excited. Hopefully I will be able to get through it and reach my goals. Another great thing is that a portion of the fee goes towards their foundation which supports youth in the area. So not only are you benefiting by enrolling, but so are others in the community. It has been a while since I followed a strict workout routine and I’m looking forward to making it through this month. Wish us luck as we take this on!