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Before we decided to go on our trip to the Bahamas, I spent some time figuring out the best way to go about the trip. This trip would be a short getaway and I was trying to save money so not to go through our entire travel budget for the year (it is only April after all)! I have to admit that I find it exciting to take on the challenge of putting together a nice trip getting the best deal possible. I’m not saying that every trip we’ve gone on has been frugally planned, but I do in general try to keep the costs within reason.

Originally the plan was to fly to the Bahamas and find an affordable place to stay near the beach. The plane tickets at the time were $300-350/person. Sure I could probably use miles, but since it was a little last-minute the amount of miles required was a little more than I was willing to use for such a short flight (~2hours)! I searched vacation rentals for a small apartment near the beach, then I looked at hotels, especially focusing on places that had a little kitchen area so that we could make our own meals. I found a few places for just under $100/night.

Then, I thought about cruise boats. Cruise boats can be great for certain vacations (e.g., visiting several islands in Hawaii, sailing around glaciers in Alaska) but I’m usually hesitant to do a cruise, mostly out of fear of getting bored on a boat or not being able to explore the areas we visit. But for this trip to the Bahamas, it seemed like a reasonable option. I’ve been to the Bahamas before and didn’t really feel the need to explore. This would be just a short getaway, and really all we wanted to do was sit back and relax, enjoying the beach and ocean.

After all of the incidents Carnival Cruise Lines has been dealing with, they had some great deals on cruises to the Bahamas, many of which were much cheaper than the flight alone to the Bahamas. Plus, it included transportation, food, and accommodations. I figured that with all the news around their boats having problems, they would be paying more attention to their current cruise boats to avoid another disaster. So, after doing the math and playing with spreadsheet, we decided on the cruise! Sure, cruises have fees that can add up too but there are a few tips to cruise on the cheap…I’ll share some of my tips next!