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After spending time in Freeport, it was time to go explore Nassau. Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas. It is also where the Atlantis resort is located. We did not stay here but I was still curious to see the giant property everyone seemed to talk about. We took a taxi there and began to walk around the lobby area of one of the hotel buildings. It sort of reminded me of a Vegas hotel.

IMG_20130420_102042_142 IMG_20130420_102323_387We made our way through the casino and shopping area before we were stopped at the entrance of the next building. Apparently, if you are not a guest at the resort, you need to purchase a pass to access certain areas of the resort. Though I wanted to see the resort, I was not willing to pay $65/person to go on the beach or $45/person to walk through the resort. Instead, we walked around the outside and eventually made our way to the free public beach right next to Atlantis.IMG_20130420_102404_130 IMG_20130420_102652_633The beach was beautiful with white sand and clear, blue water. We decided to walk along the beach, most of which was empty, and jump in the water for a little. There were several options for water activities but I was more interested in just relaxing and finding a quiet spot away from everything.

IMG_20130420_104758_387 IMG_20130420_111755_003 IMG_20130420_112617_093When I see water like this, I sometimes wish my house in Atlanta was located right along the ocean. I love the feeling of just being free, away from technology, work, and just everyday stress. We sat and enjoyed each others company. It was so peaceful listening to the waves crash…AND I didn’t have to pay $65/person to enjoy this! Sometimes, the best things really are free.