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Eric and I decided to take a break from Atlanta and spend some time a few hours away in North Carolina. It was mostly just a relaxing getaway. We drove around seeing new places and did a little shopping. One of the best parts by far was the dinner we had in Raleigh. I’ve been to Raleigh but usually I was just passing through or doing something for work. The downtown area had several places to eat and since it was a Saturday night, it was lively with people out in the streets. We decided to try Sitti, a Lebanese restaurant that seemed to be right in the middle of town where all the action was taking place. Even though it was late at night, the restaurant was packed with people.

We started off with warm, flat breads and a zatar type dipping sauce. I ended up ordering a grilled fish dish, local to the NC area. The fish was on top of basmati rice and fresh kale. It was delicious! I will definitely need to recreate this at home! Afterwards, we finished the meal with baklava and a creme brulee trio. The trio included one with lavender and olive oil, one with chocolate, and then a plain. They were great. The chocolate kind of reminded me of chocolate pudding; it worked for me since I like chocolate pudding!

sittiWe woke up early Sunday, had brunch, and eventually made our way back to Atlanta. It was a nice little weekend  trip and reasonably close for a drive. Now I know that Raleigh has a few good places to eat and will gladly go back to try other things…like this moving trolley bar we saw going down the streets in town… that looks fun!