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We decided to spend the night out trying a new Atlanta restaurant, Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano, with friends. So far, the week has been a little hectic. Work is crazy and Eric has been busy with work and school stuff. We finally squeezed in some time to give Sura a much-needed bath now that her paw has healed enough to get wet.

IMG_20130327_220318_128She is back to bright white! Unfortunately it is shedding season so I’ve had to vacuum a lot of her clean, white fur…

Anyways, back to food. One of the best places in Atlanta to get pizza is Antico’s. Anyone living here knows this place. So, I was very excited to hear that the owner opened another restaurant next door. It’s a simple menu with mostly chicken dishes. Apparently, the story is that the owner knows how to make a few dishes well. One is pizza (Antico’s) and the other is a couple of chicken dishes. These dishes are on the menu at his new restaurant. I ordered the popular Sorrento lemon chicken.

giosOMG delicious! I was afraid that reading all of the reviews beforehand would set my expectations too high but that was not the case. The food is fantastic. It’s a BYO place so we brought a bottle of wine, ordered amazing food, and had a great dinner with friends! The dish was huge and I was convinced I would not finish it. But the amazing flavors kept me going and I nearly finished the whole thing until I enlisted the help of Eric! ๐Ÿ™‚ After seeing the other dishes, I know for sure that I need to come back and try some other menu items. Yum!