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During our trip to PA, we decided to take a break from Pittsburgh and drive out to go hiking in Ohiopyle, PA. This was the second weekend in a row for snowy hikes. It’s like an all-time high considering I live in Georgia! Anyways, we started off having breakfast; Eric decided to eat his outside to enjoy the sun and snow. (I think Louie the dog was trying to sneak a little bite).


Eventually it was time to venture out into the state park. It was a beautiful day with pretty warm temps. It had snowed in the area a few days ago so there was still plenty on the ground. The park not only had hiking trails, but there were areas for snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and even an area to ride horses.2013-03-09_15-11-21_517 2013-03-09_15-51-43_831The views of park were beautiful. It was a little slippery and slushy but well worth it. The warmer weather made much of the trail a melted snow mess with a lot of mud. Sura would have LOVED it up there. Ultimately, Eric’s shoes became soaked and we decided to turn around and go back before his feet froze. Even though I lived in PA for 4 years, I forgot how beautiful and rural much of that state really is. It was a great day adventure but I think I’m ready for some spring warmth and sunshine! 🙂