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Usually by this time of year, the weather is warming up and it already feels like spring. That was definitely not the case this weekend. We had friends come visit from Pennsylvania hoping to escape the cold but it just wasn’t happening this weekend. But, instead of complaining about the cold weather, we decided to go out and enjoy it. I mean, we used to live up north where the weather was cold this time of year so it wasn’t anything new for us. As we drove up to north Georgia, we started to see snow topped mountains and realized that our hike would end up being a snow adventure!

I was reluctant at first to make us hike in the cold and snow but our friends soon reminded me that they live in much colder weather and this would be just like their other hikes. We decided to hike blood mountain, one of the hikes we did last summer, and it was amazing to see how different the views were with all of the snow.

2013-03-02_14-24-13_368 2013-03-02_15-05-20_410 2013-03-02_15-12-03_734We all enjoyed the views and honestly I think I enjoyed this snow covered hike much more than our summer hike here last year. I really wish that we could have taken Sura but she is still recovering from her paw injury (a story for another time). She would have loved the snow! Although I am not a huge fan of snow and moved to a warmer climate for a reason, it is nice to sit and watch the snow flurries and admire the white dusted mountain tops (at least for a day). 🙂