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We recently had guests in town which gave us an opportunity to explore fun placess around Atlanta. One place I have always wanted to visit is the Buford Highway Farmers Market. Buford Highway is home to many restaurants specializing in cuisines from all over the world. There is even a Filipino restaurant! That being said, the farmers market is a good representation of the area. We decided to make a trip out there and see how it compared to other farmers markets. Not only was the produce section the size of a lot of markets, but there were different areas for specific foods.There was a whole section for sushi-grade fish  (I will definitely be coming back to buy something for our sushi nights). The seafood area was busy with customers ordering all types of fish and workers rushing to clean and prep the purchases.

Then, there was the Korean section. I was intrigued by the staff behind the stands slowly working to assemble something. I soon realized they were preparing Korean dumplings. One person was making the mix, another was wrapping the dumpling, and another was packaging. You can either have them cook it for you and it is ready to eat or you can order as many as you want and take them home to cook. We decided to buy some of the mushroom veggie dumplings and some shrimp dumplings cooked them at home.

korean dumplingsBasically, you boil water, drop them in for 5 minutes or until they float to the top. We had a little ponzu sauce on the side for dipping. I recommend cooking them at home so that is tastes fresh. These are pretty large dumplings and I felt full after eating 2. I’m really glad I finally got to see the Buford Hwy Farmers Market and I’m sure I will return soon for other neat and delicious treats!