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Saturday was an eventful day as we tried to take advantage of the good weather. It’s been raining a lot more that usual (at least it feels that way) and I was starting to get frustrated with working out inside. Eric and I decided to substitute our usual indoor workout and take Sura to join some friends, and their dogs, for a morning hike close to Atlanta.

Arabia mountain is located about 40 minutes outside of Atlanta. Not only do they have hiking trails, but there is also a nicely paved bike path (with a few small hills) and educational, instructor-led activities.  We made our way around and up the mountain, totaling about 4-5 miles in hiking. During the hike, we came across a few people but otherwise it was quiet and calm. The dogs had fun splashing in the water and running through the trails.

arabia mountain 1 arabia mountain 2Sura liked walking through the water as she sniffed the plants and jumped on rocks. I think it helped her stay cool as the temperatures began to rise. Arabia mountain is similar to Stone Mountain but it is much less commercialized and has fewer visitors. We had a great time and I’m definitely going to come back soon with my bike to check out the bike paths.