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The last city we visited before heading back to Dublin was the small medieval town of Kilkenny. Kilkenny, along with Galway, are probably my 2 favorite cities in Ireland. Kilkenny is not very large and you can really just walk the entire city in one day. What I loved were the small winding streets with old buildings along the water and the castle which is the focal point of the town. kilkenny 3We arrived in the afternoon and the castle visiting hours were ending for the day. So we wandered around town for the rest of the day. There was a large indoor market area selling local handmade crafts. Eric found a little sporting shop and decided to buy a souvenir rugby jersey (apparently their team is pretty good). We decided to stay in town right off one of the main streets which happened to be right on top of a high-rated restaurant. Since Kilkenny is originally home to Smithwicks beer, naturally we ended our day with a few pints to accompany our meal.

The next morning it was time to visit the castle before heading out to our next destination. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take pics inside Kilkenny castle but to give you an idea, it was modeled after many of the French castles. The garden area was large and I’m sure in the summer there would have been flowers and trees blooming! It was a little overcast during our visit but still a great site to see.

IMG_2915 IMG_2909After touring the grounds, it was time to pack up again and make our way to Dublin through Glengalough and the wicklow mountains.

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