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A while back, I posted about how we might need a bigger car. Eric and I have a lot of home improvement activities we would like to do but a lot of that has been put on hold, or taken a lot longer, because we cannot purchase and bring home all of the materials we need. Our small, 2-door, vehicles just do not have the space. Not only do house projects get put on hold, but sometimes we’ve had to wait on fun outdoor activities simply because our cars cannot make it through the rough terrain.

Well, all that changed yesterday when we got a “new” SUV!

new car 1 new car 3I say new in quotes because it is actually a 2012 model, but still relatively new. While I was test driving it, it was a weird feeling being so high off the ground and have so much space… much different from my mustang. Eric did all of the researching and surprised me with a trip to go see and eventually purchase the car. I am one lucky gal! Thanks, Eric 🙂

I’m so excited now for all of the fun trips to the mountains, camping getaways, and even stop overs at home depot for house stuff. I’m sure Sura will enjoy the extra space too!