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One of the places decided to visit when were first planned the trip was Blarney, Ireland to kiss the Blarney stone. Blarney is located right outside Cork, so it was a short trip to the castle. I was really glad we were visiting during the winter since there were fewer people to cram into small castle ruins.IMG_2703IMG_2748Yes, you kiss the stone upside down. I was actually a little hesitant during the whole thing. First, I’m afraid of heights and the gap was large enough that I could slip through if the guy wasn’t holding me. Second, the idea of kissing a stone that many others before me have kissed did not sit well with my slight phobia of germs. I kept trying to avoid actually touching the stone but he kept sliding me closer. Eventually part of my face touched the stone and I was able to slide back and stand.Hopefully that was enough to gain the gift of gab (or eloquence) LOL.

After strolling around the castle grounds, we decided to make a trip to the Jameson whiskey distillery.

jameson 3Eric is a big fan of whiskey so this was definitely a place we had to visit. After doing the tour and seeing the original distiller, we got to the best part…free tastings! Before we left, Eric decided to buy a souvenir bottle that is only available at this distillery.

We decided to mix things up a little from staying in bed and breakfast places and opted for a castle; it was a smaller castle, nothing too over the top LOL. Waterford castle is located on an island (in Waterford, Ireland) and the only way to get there is to drive onto a ferry that takes you the short distance across the water.

IMG_2830We checked-in just in time for dinner and the helpful staff made arrangements to have a table in their restaurant available for us once we were settled. While it was probably one of the most expensive meals of the trip, it was delicious food! The rooms were beautifully restored and I’m pretty sure the bathroom was as big as most of my house! After a pretty eventful day, I definitely slept like a princess that night.

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