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A few weeks before the holidays, Eric and I decided to plan a last minute trip to Ireland. It all began one afternoon when we were talking about potential vacations and seriously a few hours later, we had plane tickets to Ireland. We even convinced 2 friends to join us! Since we were going to be in the northeast for the holidays, the plan was to fly from Newark, NJ to Dublin, Ireland. Once we arrived we would rent a car and drive around the country for the week.

The trip started off with a little more excitement than anticipated. While we were scheduled to leave on an evening flight, mother nature decided to have a nice snow storm roll into the area that same morning. Getting to Newark took a little more effort for us but our friends really got the rough part of it. With the snow delays and road closures, we were afraid they would miss the flight. Luckily they left much earlier in the morning and just made it on time to the airport. once in the airport, we watched flight after flight get canceled. I waited anxiously hoping that our flight would make it out. Eventually the snow subsided and we were in the air only an hour or so behind schedule.

The great thing about our flight was that we flew overnight. So we were able to sleep on the plane and arrive first thing in the morning. Once we got all of our belongings (Eric and I only packed backpacks for ease of moving around), we picked up our rental car and started to make our way into Dublin. Eric was the lucky designated driver since he had some experience driving on the left side of the road in Australia. Here is a tip for future travelers to Dublin, driving in the city is confusing! Allow some extra time. It’s actually nice sometimes to get lost in a new place while on vacation. It allows you to see and explore the area. Eventually we found the place where were were staying for the night, dropped off our things, and started walking around the city. Given that this would be our only full day in Dublin during the trip, we took full advantage and saw several sites. Here are a few places we visited:

Christ church cathedral


St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Guinness storehouse

IMG_2481IMG_2480(can you see the shamrock on top?)

It was a pretty productive first day but eventually the jet-lag started to kick in so we had dinner at a phenomenal Italian restaurant (random, I know) and rested for the next day.

Next up- Galway, Ireland