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Goal 18: Try 24 new Atlanta restaurants

Now that the year is coming to an end, I’ve started to revisit my goal list. One of my favorite goals for the year was trying new restaurants in the Atlanta area. I met this goal a couple weeks ago, luckily before we started our super saving for Ireland. Actually, I surpassed this goal and as of today I tried 26 new places this year. They ranged from nice, ornate restaurants to small, casual spots. I really enjoyed most of them and even revisited a few (sadly 1 has gone out of business-Burger Tap). I’ve bolded my top 10 faves

  1. Iberian Pig
  2. Shout
  3. Tartufo
  4. Ghangis Grill
  5. Sushi Itto
  6. Burger Tap
  7. Gekko Sushi
  8. Rosebud
  9. Rumi’s Kitchen
  10. The Spence
  11. HD1
  12. Sonny’s Place
  13. HobNob
  14. Killer Burger
  15. The Original El Taco
  16. No. 246
  17. Desta
  18. Pasta Vino
  19. Briza
  20. El Senor Taco
  21. Gino’s
  22. The Optimist
  23. Leon’s full service
  24. Pig and Chik
  25. Baldinos
  26. Holeman and Finch

The most recent was Holeman and Finch. I’ve heard this restaurant mentioned several times, especially regarding their burgers. They have a dinner menu but at 10pm it is burger time. They prepare 24 burgers which are usually sold out in minutes. All the talk around these burgers made me curious but I was not willing to wait for a chance to be 1 of 24 people able to try the burgers at night. Lucky for me, these burgers are a menu item for Sunday brunch. There’s a wait for brunch too but at least I would be guaranteed a burger. Plus, there is seating at the bar and we found seats there versus waiting for a table.

There was a viewing area where you could watch these burgers being assembled. Everything is homemade: the burgers, pickles, and even ketchup and mustard.  I was hoping to customize my burger (basically ask for a smaller 1 patty version) but that wasn’t an option. Everyone gets 2 patties with cheese, homemade pickles, sauces, and fries on the side.

Yes, it was delicious! I especially liked the homemade pickles. It was a little too big for me so I left very stuffed and couldn’t eat anything the rest of the day. I’m glad I tried it. Sure, waiting for brunch took a while but it beats waiting at night and not making the cut for the first 24 burgers. Maybe I can go back and try some of their other dinner options.