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It has been abnormally warm down here in Atlanta. I have yet to unpack my warm winter clothes from the move and I have been getting by just fine with a light fleece. While Georgia’s winters are pretty mild, usually by this time of year, I am wearing a sweater and jacket. Sometimes I forget that it is December and that the holidays are only a few weeks away.

After Thanksgiving, I was pretty determined to purchase a tree and decorate in our new house. Then I thought about it a little more. We will not be celebrating the holidays here and I’m not having a holiday party so no one would really appreciate my tree or decorations. Plus it just feels weird buying and setting up a tree when the temperature has been in the 70s lately. So, I think we are going to do a Charlie brown tree. I like the idea of having meaningful ornaments and since we only have 2 ornaments haha, this seemed like the perfect solution!

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Our 2 ornaments: our wedding and our first house


xmas house ornament