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We were looking for a nice, easy hike to keep visitors entertained for the afternoon. Unicoi state park and other trails are located near Helen, GA and this seemed like the best option for a combo day trip. We tried to avoid anything that would be too difficult or too long since no one was really dressed or prepared for intense hiking. Anna ruby falls is a nice hike located in the Chattahoochee National Forest. It is mostly a short (less than a mile), paved trail which makes it easier. For the more adventurous, there are other longer trails that are connected.

The paved trail starts at the parking lot and leads to viewing decks of Anna Ruby falls. Since it was a nice, sunny day out, we saw several people walking the trail and even more sitting on the viewing decks enjoying the view of the water. It’s amazing how the sound of water can be so calming.

anna ruby falls

anna ruby falls 4The trail is steep at some points, but they have benches along the way if you need to sit in rest. I ended up finding a video that shows Anna Ruby falls. Enjoy!