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We spent a few days in Las Vegas, NV but before I get into the details of casinos, shows, and endless buffets, I want to share our visit to Red Rock Canyon which was a first for me. Usually a trip to Vegas includes walking the strip, seeing new casinos, spending time at the craps table, and eating until I cannot move. I’m not saying these things did not occur, but this time we added some outdoor activity…hiking!

We went for a short hike around the canyon. Comparing the hike to some of my recent hikes in north GA is like night and day, they are so different. In the canyon, the air is dry and there are no trees, just cactus. It was kind of expected since it is a dessert. I’m so used to being in the woods, not seeing anything until the very top with an open view but here you could see straight across the canyon. While they are different types of hikes, I like them both. I enjoyed red rock canyon and hopefully next time I can spend more time on hikes or maybe climbing!