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If there is one thing that I wish we had in Atlanta, it would be access to water/shores. Sure I have access to the mountains and other beautiful places, but there’s nothing like walking along a shore or enjoying staring out into the waters.

We ended up a ferry ride away from San Francisco at Sausalito Island. It was a relaxing afternoon strolling along the water edge and sitting in the park with ice cream watching boats sail by.

There were so many visitors/tourists there that it made me almost feel like I had left the country for an international trip. It’s always fun to listen to the different languages being spoken. And while we may have been from all over the world, we were all enjoying the same beautiful scenery.The entire trip, there were blue skies and no fog at all. But, we finally saw some of the fog that the city is known for. Eventually, it was time to head back so we took the ferry to the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

The Golden Gate Bridge is somewhere in all of that fog!

View of the city from the boat

We had a fantastic time visiting the Bay Area and maybe one day, when I’m super rich, I might be able to afford living there for a short time. But for now, I’ll just have to settle with hopefully planning another trip out there.