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Now that I’m finally back in Atlanta, I can share the rest of our trips. 🙂

It was time to leave the city and enjoy the peaceful silence of nature. Luckily you do not need to travel too far from San Francisco to enjoy the outdoors. Muir Woods is home to the giant redwood trees in California. In the summer time, there is a shuttle to take you out there but since it was Oct, Eric and I had to find another means of transportation since we did not have a car. One option was just to take a tour bus out there but I was hesitant to explore with a huge tour bus full of people. While looking at other options online, I saw Tom’s walking tour. While this is technically a tour group, he limits it to 6 people so it is a personal experience. He took us (and 4 others visiting from the U.K.) to the woods early in the morning. We were the 3rd car there, allowing us to enjoy the peaceful silence in the park. He knew trails off of the official track, showed us where to take amazing pictures of the trees, and even packed us all lunches to have a picnic in the woods in the middle of our hike. On our way back to the car, we saw the huge tour buses unloading and I was so happy we were able to do the smaller tour with Tom (plus he is a really knowledgeable and funny guy).

Afterwards, he dropped us off on Sausalito Island where we spent the rest of the afternoon.