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Finally we are able to enjoy the fresh autumn air!

We decided to take on a new house project…replacing all of the windows in our house. This one would be different from past house projects since we decided to hire people to complete the project instead of having handy Eric do the job. As much as he wanted to do it himself, we decided that with our busy schedules, it would never get done if we did it ourselves. Once I got over the initial price shock of how much replacing all 18 windows would cost (I had no idea quality windows are so pricey), we began doing our research.

We ended up going with home depot after hearing recommendations from friends and pricing out other companies. Home depot had good prices, experienced workers, and an awesome warranty. Plus after working with them, I would recommend them to anyone looking for windows installation!

Our house was built in the 1920s and I am convinced the windows were almost as old as the house. They we single-pane meaning I could hear everything outside, not well-insulated so we could feel the hot air in the summer and the cooler air at night was creeping inside, and lastly the windows were painted shut so there was no way to even open the windows!

Here are some before pics:

The area circled on the left window highlights the fact that they were painted shut along the edges. The middle window circle is to show that there is a weird lock on the window that requires a cylinder key. Basically another barrier to opening the windows.

(painted shut)

Work in progress pics:

The picture below shows the added insulation

The final new windows!

Our new windows open easily, are all screened, and the outside even matches our house color trim! We decided on getting double-pane windows with argon gas in between making them energy-efficient (and eligible for energy cost credits). It will be worth the extra costs in the long run!

So, after 2 days of construction (and a lot of banging noise), we now have beautiful windows!