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One activity I have always wanted to do is go apple picking in north Georgia. While apples are not necessarily my favorite fruit, apple picking always seemed like the best activity to bring in the fall season. A few friends of mine decided to head up to Ellijay, GA where most of the apple orchards are located. Because the warm weather has lingered, the apples came in really early so our apple options were limited. Many trees were empty and most of the fruit on the ground started to smell like vinegar. But, we still had a good time picking the apples that we could find. After filling our little bags, we went back to the main area for some apple pie, apple cider, and other apple treats (the best part of apple picking). (They also had pumpkins you could choose from)

(mountains and rolling hills near the orchard)

(as you can see, a lot of the apples had already fallen)

(apple treats I brought home for Eric since he like apples much more than I do!)

After spending most of the morning/early afternoon in the orchards, we grabbed some lunch and met up with other people to run through a corn maze. This was another first for me. I’ve been on hayrides in college but never went through a corn maze. This maze was fun because at each turn they had 3 trivia questions that you had to answer. Based on your answer it would tell you which direction to follow. If you answered incorrectly, it brought you back to where you started. I thought this made the maze a lot more fun then just running around and guessing which way to go.

We eventually drove back to Atlanta brainstorming different ways to prepare our apples. While it felt like summer most of the day with the warm temperatures, I’m glad I finally had a chance to do these fall activities!

Next up…cooking the apples!