I would like to say that we are making stellar progress with the insanity workouts but unfortunately the past 2 weeks have been a complete bust. After arriving back from our trip to Baltimore, we both ended up really sick. I had a fever for a few days and could barely get out of bed. Usually Eric would be right there helping but he ended up sick too. So that knocked out about a week of workouts. We had every intention of starting the week over but then Eric had school and work projects and suddenly I was swamped trying to finish up a project at work. By the time we both got home from work, it was so late that we even missed having dinner a few times. To top that, Sura had some weird bug and was sick for a few days which meant cleaning up dog messes (it’s gross so I’ll stop there with the details).

Finally, there were no more excuses and it was time to jump back into our routine. Stress started to build and working out is really my only effective outlet. I needed to jump back on the horse! Unfortunately since we missed so much of the workout, we had to go back to day 1. It’s been rough getting through but I know we are capable of doing it since we were there just a few weeks ago. It’s always hard the first couple days but I’m starting to feel much better about it. Hopefully this time we make it through!

Oh yea, and Sura is also much happier now that we are all feeling better!