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It really is true when they say there are far more expenses that go with a house besides the mortgage. When we purchased our house the previous owner left her dryer. This worked out for us since the dryer has a gas connection and we did not own a gas dryer. Eventually, the dryer stopped working which meant that we couldn’t do laundry. At first I was excited to buy a new one; I could finally choose something with all of the features I liked. But, then I saw the price tag, some even went into the thousands! Sure I could get something more affordable but I also want my dryer to last several years and have all the options that we use. While the ultimate savings would be to air dry, you just cannot do that in Atlanta with the heat and humidity! I am definitely a deal hunter so I made the dryer my new focus.

My analytical husband started the task of researching dryers, features, and prices. After deciding the best dryer for our needs, we just needed to figure out how we could afford it. Days passed and our clothes supplies started to dwindle. I think we made it nearly 3 weeks which I thought was impressive. After monitoring home depot deals daily, they finally, posted a sale on our specific dryer. Here is a fun fact, if you go the post office and pick up a movers envelope, it includes a coupon for Lowes which home depot will recognize. We  stacked that coupon on top of the sale. Next, we checked our credit card rewards to see which would max out the cash back for purchasing this items. Thanks to our patient waiting, maxing out on rewards/discounts, and large supply of clothes to hold us over, we were able to get the dryer we wanted for hundreds of dollars under the listed price!

Now I can take that extra money and put it in our trip savings for something more exciting than clothes 🙂