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No, I didn’t go and permanently ink myself. Sorry for the disappointment. I have considered it in the past but can’t get past the potential pain of the needle and I can’t commit to one thing to permanently have on my body. But, I was much more open to the idea of getting my mehndi done (getting a henna tattoo)! During one of the pre-wedding events, henna artists came to give all of the ladies a beautiful design on their hands. Since I was the newbie, all of the more experienced ladies insisted that I get henna and that I should be the first one in line!

The henna that was used is homemade and completely natural. I was hesitant at first since I have heard of people getting severe skin reactions because of the henna. But this is mostly from commercially made henna which has chemical additives to make it darker and last longer. In this case, they mix the henna plant with oil and lemon juice to make a paste. Here are a series of pictures to show the changes over time:

It took 1-2 minutes to apply on my hand. You need to let the henna stay on and dry for as long as possible which meant that I basically loss all use of my one hand (picture 1). Thankfully, Eric was there to help out! As it dries, it leaves a hard layer on your hand that eventually falls off (picture 2). The henna pulls in heat so the entire area that was designed felt cold on my hand. Very interesting! Once it peels off, it leaves a light orange design (picture 3). Finally, it darkens over night and you can see a much more visible design (picture 4).

They say it can last 1-2 weeks. I still have it now as I am typing, only just more faded. Each person had a different design making all of our hands unique. I spoke to one of the ladies applying the henna and she said that she just comes up with designs as she is applying. Wish I could be that creative! It was so much fun! Now I can say I am no longer a  henna newbie!