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It’s been a few days since I wrote a post but I had the wonderful opportunity to take some time off work, fly up to Maryland, and celebrate the wedding of one of my closest friends. Unlike usual weddings I have attended, these events took place over several days, with each day having a traditional Hindu event. A lot of the family attended each day; some family even flew in from India!

The night I arrived, my friend invited the bridesmaids over to help with some last-minute projects and to keep her company as she had her henna done. I’ve seen henna in the past but did not realize how detailed some of the designs could be. It took several hours to do her hands, feet, and parts of her arms and legs but the final design was beautiful!

The following morning was the Grah Shanti which is a Hindu ceremony to pray for their upcoming wedding. Everyone was really nice and tried to explain what was being said and its significance. We gathered in this one room and listened to the main person leading the ceremony (Sorry, I’m not familiar enough with the exact terminology) while my friend and her parents sat in the center.

The ceremony was followed by Preethi. This fun activity involved covering my friend in turmeric paste! Traditionally, it was done to have the bride “glowing” for her wedding day. Everyone can participate in slathering her with this paste. I’ll spare my friend and not include those pics 🙂

I need to mention that each of the events included A LOT of eating. I love Indian food but their meals put the stuff I’ve had to shame! I honestly could not stop eating and they kept serving more and more dishes!

All of the dishes were vegetarian and I was thinking at one point that if I had this food all the time, I could even be vegetarian. Well at least for a few days LOL. I really like the food tray too since it helps keep some of the dishes from mixing together. It was only the first few days and I had learned and experienced so many new things! They were so welcoming in sharing their culture. I loved it!

Stay tuned for the Menhdi; it is when others are able to get henna done before the wedding!