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This past week was rough. I spent a lot of late nights working and had to work on Saturday. So, I decided to sleep-in on Sunday, and by sleep in, I mean that I slept until 8am. Unfortunately my body has adjusted to early mornings so that is about as good as it gets. As Sura and I went outside to go for a walk, I was greeted by pleasant fall like temperatures with fresh cool air. It was absolutely beautiful outside! With the nice weather, Eric and I decided to do productive outdoor activities, a.k.a yard work. I took on the task of trimming the bushes since they have been neglected for several months now while Eric worked on the lawn and put in more insulation under the floors. At first I thought my task would be an easy job that would take an hour max! Oh no, I was wrong. I let my “type A” personality take over as I shaped the bushes and before I knew it I was sweaty and several hours had passed. But, I must say I am quite pleased with the bushes 🙂

Since we were already sweaty, we decided to jump right into our insanity workout. I didn’t realize how tired I was until I almost collapsed on the floor working out but I made it through. Finally, I decided to workout another party of my body: the creative side of my brain! I went with a few friends to Dip n Dab which is a painting place where you can bring wine and snacks as you paint for a few hours. I had a great time painting, even though I stressed over every aspect of my painting. It was a full class and several people used this as a fun date night, girls night out, or just relaxing Sunday activity. I realized I really need to work on that whole artsy, creativity thing! I did try to use my own color choices instead of following the instructor completely. I finished my painting and maybe I can find a nice place to hang it in our house. (I’ll pretend a little kid painted it! LOL)