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Goal # 3: Read 6 new books not related to work

I finally completed this goal! The tally to date is technically 9 books, but I really feel like I should only count 6 out of the 9. Let me explain….

I first set this goal to encourage myself to read for pleasure. I actually do a lot of reading on an everyday basis but most of my reading prior to setting this goal consisted of scientific journal articles and textbooks. Eventually, I realized I needed to set a goal in order to expand beyond that. Here are the 6 books I have read:

  1. The girl with the dragon tattoo
  2. The girl who played with fire
  3. The help
  4. What I talk about when I talk about running
  5. The emperor’s children
  6. Before I go to sleep

I tried to have some variety in the books and enjoyed all of these very much. So what about the remaining 3? Okay, now for my embarrassing admittance (it took me a while to eventually share this): I read the Fifty Shades trilogy.

I really didn’t seek out to read these books, it just kind of happened. I heard a lot about the first book, Fifty Shades of Grey, and was curious what all the hype was about. I even saw a video of Ellen doing a reading from the book.

A friend of mine let me borrow a copy and so I started to read the book. Yes, the storyline was a little shocking in the beginning but as I continued to read, I really just didn’t enjoy the storyline and honestly it is a poorly written book. At one point I found myself counting typos and grammatical errors (and I’m definitely not an uptight grammar person)! The Audi plugs are out of control. Every other page was like an advertisement for their cars. You would think that I would have stopped after book 1. My friend offered copies of the 2 remaining books. I guess part of me hoped that maybe it would get better the second time around…NO it didn’t!

I started to get a little frustrated at the fact that I was now wasting my own time reading this series. Eventually, I made it to book 3. I figured since I went this far, I might as well finish and get it over with. Don’t ask me why, it’s just some weird logic I had in my head. I think part of me figured that I went this far I might as well continue and another part of me thought that maybe this last book might be better than the previous 2. I finished the series completely disappointed and annoyed with myself for even reading the books. So in the end, I think I might just keep those 3 off the list and never mention the fact that I read those books again.

(Sorry if I offended those that enjoyed reading the series, again this is just my own opinion)