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One word: Whoa!

I completed the first 7 days of insanity and still have enough strength to write a post. I can tell that this workout will be a challenge but to be honest, I really am enjoying it. It’s also gotten a little easier to complete. After day 1, I wanted to fall over and collapse.

But now I’m feeling a little better and stronger. It’s amazing the difference a few days can make. After doing p90x, I can’t help but compare the 2 even if they are really different. So here are just some of my thoughts, keeping in mind that I’ve only finished one week.

Pros so far:

  • Shorter workout time makes it a little easier to squeeze into a busy day
  • Great cardio workout! I don’t think I’ve ever really sweat like that before
  • Reassuring to see the cast members taking breaks. I don’t feel so bad when I have to take resting breaks

Cons so far:

  • The warm up doesn’t have the amount of stretching that I usually need, a personal preference
  • He isn’t always consistent with the stretching. There was one time where he didn’t do the same moves for both sides
  • He doesn’t always say the right moves. When you are completing the workout, sometimes you cannot look up at the TV to see what they are doing so you depend on him calling out the next move. I have found that he doesn’t always say the right thing so it throws you off

I’m excited for the next few weeks and hopefully I will finish strong! Bring it on week 2!!