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I accomplished something from my goal list (which I need to update) while in Austin. My brother turned 21 and I was finally able to go out and buy him a drink!

Day 2: After an exciting first day and a night of celebrations, it was time to recover and get started with a new day.

This is my “recovery” look: sunglasses, comfy clothes, and coffee!

Have you heard of the organization HomeAway? They offer vacation rentals to travelers all over the world. Well, they have a main site located in Austin and we had the opportunity to visit and take a tour.  I was drawn to the endless wall shelves of shot glasses from around the world. I personally collect shot glasses from all of the places I have traveled; it was neat to see their much larger display. They also had markers for distances to places around the world. The Patagonia sign reminded me of our trip a few months ago to Argentina. Finally, we made it to the roof top with some really nice views of the city.

I also saw something that I wish I had in my office building, a whole foods vending machine! Yes, the prices might be higher but it sure beats the options we have such as canned tuna and really old fritos. Blah!

We ended our trip with dinner at another Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives recommendation (I usually go to at least 1 of the recommendations whenever we are visiting a new place). Foreign and Domestic is a small restaurant located a little outside of the downtown Austin area. They are only open for dinner and serve creative dishes that are always changing. I enjoyed the food but since the place is so small (I think I counted maybe 8 tables) the wait-time can be really long. I think we ended up waiting over an hour. At least they had an outdoor area where we could talk and have a few drinks while we waited.

After another tasty meal, it was time to go back to the hotel and start packing up. We really enjoyed our Austin trip and look forward to going back, hopefully not in the middle of summer!