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Eric and I headed out to Austin, TX for a few days. My brother turned 21 over the weekend so of course we had to celebrate.

Day 1 :As soon as we arrived, we were starving and went out for some Texas BBQ at Salt Lick. I’m not a major BBQ eater but Eric is and I heard good things about this particular place so off we went. Austin this time of year is just unbearably hot. I thought I was going to melt just walking across the parking lot.

After seeing this BBQ area, I knew I was in for some serious eating. The place was huge with long tables in a community dining setup. Eric decided to try the unlimited BBQ special and so plate after plate of bbq meat and sides arrived at our table. I enjoyed my meal, especially the yummy sides.

Later that night, we finally met up with my brother for his birthday dinner at Uchiko right in Austin. Apparently the chef competed on Iron Chef (a cooking show).

The food was absolutely amazing. We decided to do the chef tasting. They basically ask what you like and dislike then put together a few plates for everyone to share. Dishes keep coming out until you tell them that you are full. I think we made it through 6-7 rounds, lol.

After a day of eating, and some walking around downtown Austin, we eventually got ready to go out and celebrate my brother’s birthday…