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Last weekend, one of Eric’s fraternity brothers got married in Ohio. It was a really short weekend for us. We decided to fly in Saturday morning arriving a few hours before the wedding. Here is a tip when you travel (something I often neglect to do), check the weather at your destination before you begin packing. It’s been really warm here in Atlanta and since it is August, I assumed it would be slightly cooler there but still warm. Nope, I was wrong! It was a high of 60 cloudy/rainy. Not exactly ideal when wearing shorts and a tank top. Plus I packed a summer dress to where to the wedding!

We picked up our rental car and went looking for food. We eventually found a non-chain restaurant, Samantha’s restaurant. (I would link to their site but it seems to be down at the moment). We saw reviews saying it is a good breakfast/lunch place. Eric had peanut butter chocolate pancakes and I had half a reuben with soup (since I was still really cold).

Yummy! After that tasty meal, it was time to get ready for the Mahoney wedding. The ceremony was at a church and the reception was at the Quarry Golf Club; both were beautiful. We took a break in between the ceremony and reception to grab some ice- cream at friendly’s.

Eventually the clouds started to break and we had a nice view sitting out in the patio looking at the golf course. Eric had a great time catching up with old friends from college and we enjoyed meeting new people while celebrating our friends’ big day.

Like our photo booth pictures?! LOL I recommend having one for a wedding reception! Sunday morning, we struggled to wake up and catch our morning flight back to Atlanta; signs of a fun night 🙂 It was a short trip but we had a good time!