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Sorry for the delay in postings, it’s been a busy couple of days. A lot of my spare time was spent working on this project. First, a little background. I was reading through a few blogs and came across making life pretty. If you are in the artsy mood, this is definitely a great blog to check out. Anyways, one of her posts detailed making a travel map for the places they visited. I thought this was a fantastic idea, especially because we LOVE traveling! Even our wedding table numbers highlighted several of the places we visited together.

Anyways, I was a lot more crafty with wedding projects and decided I wanted to start another project, this time for the house. Thank you making life pretty for the inspiration!

What you need

  • Map of the world or area you want to highlight
  • Cork board
  • Cardboard display
  • Wood glue
  • Map pins
  • Wall mount to hang it

Eric was key in the assembly, explaining the right glues to use, providing measurements, and eventually hanging it for me! We purchased a 50×32 inch world map. Yes it is big but I wanted to eventually hang it on one of our walls and that was just the right size. With it being so large, framing was not an option due to the cost. Instead, I trimmed cardboard and cork board to match the size of the map. I used the wood glue to paste the cork board to a large cardboard display. The map was then glued to the cork side or the mount. It took a while to dry but I wanted to make sure everything would hold together. I ended up using our books as a weight. I knew the old textbooks I kept would come in handy!

Once it was dry, we flipped it over and attached a mount to the back that would allow us to hang it on the wall. This was complicated due to the weight and size but Eric used his old engineering skills to figure it out for me! Thanks!!

Finally, it was the fun part of putting the map pins. We decided immediately to leave out mainland USA. Eric has been to all of the states and I’ve visited most of the US so that would leave our map cluttered in that area. So I guess this map highlights international travel but also includes Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories. Like making life pretty, we color coded the pins.

  • Yellow-Where we live now
  • Green-Where we traveled together
  • Red-Eric’s travels
  • White- My travels

I find it amazing to think of how many countries there are out there and all of the possibilities to go and experience new cultures. It’s a really neat way to visualize our trips together. We have it hanging on one of our walls so it also makes for fun conversations with visitors. We are very excited to cover the map with more green pins as we continue our travel adventures together!