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I am a big fan of estate sales and was very excited to see the signs for one just a few houses down from our house. Our neighbor recently sold his house; he is a nice man who has lived in the neighborhood for 40+ but decided to downsize to a condo and needs to sell a lot of his things. We were able to sit and chat with him for a little bit and heard many interesting stories of his time living in the neighborhood. I could tell from his stories that he has collected neat things over the years.

We walked into the house and immediately saw intriguing, older pieces that I loved. I really enjoy older furniture. Furniture used to be made from real wood, with intricate details, that were built to last decades. Nowadays, furniture just does not seem to have the same quality. I was drawn to an old wooden chest that I saw in the corner of a room. It has beautiful detail on the outside and the interior was made of cedar. I learned it was made in 1910, a piece that his family kept over the years. Since he knew us, he was really generous with negotiations and we were able to buy the chest for much less than some ikea furniture.

It was a little difficult to carry and walk it back to our house, but it made it in one piece! After some cleaning, we found a nice little spot for it in the living room.

One of the things that I am enjoying the most about owning our first house is finding really unique pieces for each of the rooms. We aren’t buying furniture just to fill up space, but rather we are finding something that has a story or a little more meaning. It really makes our house feel more like a home!