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I had the opportunity to visit Chapel Hill, NC. While I was there taking a few classes for my job, I was also able to try some really great restaurants and stroll around the area. I remember visiting the area briefly as part of my round of visits to choose a school. But, I haven’t been back since then. The hotel, Carolina Inn, was located right on the University of North Carolina’s campus. I really enjoyed the location. Not only was it right on campus but it is also very close to the downtown area, just a few minutes walk to some really great restaurants and shops. The campus is beautiful. I loved the architecture and small streets which made for great morning runs.

The restaurants were great. We had drinks at the west end wine bar and dinners at 411 west, talulla, and top of the hill brewery. I recommend all of these places. The fun local restaurants and little stores are probably my favorite aspects about college towns; plus it is all walking distance. During my last day, I walked over to the Ackland Art Museum. I was surprised with the great art space they had, especially for a university art museum. There were also a few local galleries next door with really great pieces of art. Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to afford art 🙂

Here are a few pics from my visit:

Hotel on campus

Dinner at 411 West

The museum