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We usually try to do a hike at least once during the weekend. But, with the warm weather, we end up waking up really early to start driving up to north GA. Starting early is key to finishing the hike before it gets too hot in the afternoon. Lately the temps have been so warm that we would need to wake up while it is dark out to beat the heat. Since I like to sleep until at least sunrise (especially on the weekend), we switched our weekend activity to riding our bikes closer to the Atlanta area. Luckily, the silver comet is only 20-30min away and has great trails for us to use our bikes. I especially like that it is relatively flat and shaded so it makes for an enjoyable ride.

I try to get there by 7-8am and I’m always amazed that the parking lot is full by then. I consider myself a newbie bike rider so 20 miles is a sufficient ride for me, and the right length to consider it my workout for the morning. I say we average about 10 miles every 35-40 minutes which is by no means speedy but enough to get the blood flowing 🙂 Hopefully we can continue to build up and maybe I can keep up with all the super fast people who zoom by me on the trail.

Things I have come to realize (can you tell I’m a newbie at this?!):

  1. As much as I think bike shorts feel like wearing a giant diaper, it is definitely worth it to avoid soreness!
  2. Remember to switch to a lower gear when coming to stop. I forget this all the time and then I can never get moving again.
  3. Apply pressure to the back brake first before the front brake to avoid flipping over
  4. Don’t attempt to be fancy in the beginning and try mimicking the other advance people running and jumping onto their bikes to begin riding, you will just end up hurting yourself (yup, I learned the hard way).