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We recently had some family drive down to visit and see our new house. Eric and his dad really enjoy house projects so they spent a lot of time working on a few things. While we spent a lot of the time in the house, we also wanted to show them the usual Atlanta visitor must-sees. Usually I take visitors to the botanical gardens, out to the park, or walking around the city but with the temperatures hovering in the upper 90s, none of those were an option. We finally decided on going to the aquarium since it is indoors, air-conditioned and, yes, Atlanta has the world’s largest aquarium.

I’ve visited a couple of times and really find  the aquarium to be nice and calming (when there aren’t huge crowds and I’m not getting run over by strollers). While this was one of the busier times to visit, I still enjoyed seeing all the fish. My favorite are the Beluga whales.

I could sit and watch them swim around for hours. We also saw Eric’s favorite, the penguins. The last time I visited, they were working on the penguin exhibit so it was neat to see them for the first time.

I also like looking at the jelly fish. Personally, I am not a huge fan of jellyfish since I was stung by 2 of them at the same time as a child. But, they are neat to watch floating and glowing in the water.

It was a really great way to escape the heat while still touring Atlanta. I saw that they offer opportunities to swim with the whale sharks. I am intrigued by this idea. A friend of mine did it a few years back and said she thought it was a neat experience. I might need to put it on my next goal list.

We ended the day back at the house, grilling meat we picked up at the farmers market earlier that morning. Pretty tasty way to end the day!