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I’ve always enjoyed coconut flavored foods and drinks. But lately, I have been on a real coconut kick. I found 2 new summer treats that I cannot get enough of. I was over someone’s house when they served me an ice-cold dessert, a coconut water popsicle. During one of my grocery runs to trader joes, I found myself browsing the ice cream and frozen dessert section. I immediately saw a box of the same coconut water popsicles that I enjoyed a few days before.

Trader Joe’s coconut water fruit floes! These are great for keeping cool in the summer and they are light enough to have any time of the day. There are other flavors so I definitely need to give those a try.

My other new favorite thing is coconut la croix.

I’ve never been a huge soda drinker but every now and then I crave a carbonated beverage. This is perfect for satisfying that craving. I love sparkling water and the coconut flavor is great for a summer drink. Plus, unlike soda, it’s zero calorie with no artificial sweetener!

For other coconut lovers out there, what is your favorite coconut treat and maybe I can give it a try!