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It has been a while since we spent the weekend in Atlanta so Eric and I decided to take full advantage of being home. It was also the weekend leading up to our anniversary so we had a couple of low-key activities in mind.

Friday night, we decided to do dinner and a movie. Eric was in the mood for Italian so we drove over to our regular Italian restaurant only to find out that it recently went out of business. As unfortunate as that was, this gave us the opportunity to go out and try something new. We saw there was a small little Italian restaurant just down the road, Pasta Vino. It was a cute place with outdoor seating. The food ended up being pretty good but my favorite thing about this restaurant was that you could order a smaller version of their entrees. I love this since most portions are huge and way too much food for me. Afterwards, we caught a later showing of Ted. I didn’t think I would enjoy a movie with a talking bear, but it was hilarious. Check it out if you want a good laugh! (just so you know, while it involves a talking bear, this isn’t exactly kid friendly…)

Saturday we spent the afternoon at the street food festival in Piedmont Park. There was live music, food trucks, and drinks. It was really crowded we found a nice shaded spot and ended enjoyed catching up with some friends.

Sunday we had a hiked planned but Eric wasn’t really feeling well in the morning so we decided to postpone the hike for another Sunday. Instead, we tried a new brunch place, Briza. The food was delicious. The concept of the restaurant is farm-to-table food with a little southern influence. My favorite dish was the donut appetizer. They brought out small donut hole shaped snacks with a honey dipping sauce. Yumm!

This fantastic weekend of eating and trying different foods led to one of the best dinners I have had in a long time. Up next, dinner at The Spence…!