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MI-IN 301 miles

It was time to leave Grand Rapids and head to Columbus, IN. Columbus is south of Indianapolis. Again, we chose this location since we have family there. Columbus is pretty small so we spent most of our time at the house, trying to avoid the heat. I was quite entertained playing with the baby, along with their 200+ pound mastiff dog and the ducks they have been raising. We also visited Bloomington to have lunch at Upland Brewery and drove through parts of the Indiana University campus.

The ducks were a lot of fun to watch. If I had a pond in my backyard, I would definitely consider getting some ducks to raise. Unfortunately, I don’t think living in the middle of Atlanta is the most ideal location for ducks. It took some time for Sura to adjust to the environment. She spent a lot of time hiding in the corner from the dog and the little baby. She must have been confused seeing a dog with a head as large as her body and a tiny human LOL. Eventually she was fine with the baby (the giant dog might require more time).

We had a great time seeing family and it was a good ending point for our road trip. I am still amazed that we covered so many states and we had a wonderful time seeing our friends and family.

IN-ATL 491 miles

After 10 days on the road, it was time to go home. As much as I enjoyed our trip, I was ready to go home, sleep in my own bed, and relax in our own house. We started our drive back bright and early. Our route took us through pretty scenery in KY, TN and north GA. Driving really gave us the opportunity to see some beautiful places around the country. Hopefully we can plan another road trip soon to discover new places and experiences!