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OH-MI 300 miles

We woke up around 6 am and started driving. Our goal was to get to our friends’ house by lunchtime. Once we arrived, they took us to a local Grand Rapids brewery, founders brewing co., for lunch. Unfortunately, we couldn’t escape the scorching hot weather so that deterred us from walking around the downtown area. Instead, we did the driving tour in the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle. The next day, we decided to tackle the heat by spending a day at Lake Michigan. We drove to Muskegon, MI where there was a nice state park with access to the lake. The breeze coming off of the lake made it a lot cooler while we enjoyed playing frisbee in the water and sitting on shore catching up with each other.

On our way back to their house, we stopped in Grand Haven, MI to walk along the water, grab a bite to each, and get a few drinks at Oddside brewery. They had a great selection. I enjoyed the berry tea blonde beer, perfect for a hot summer day! We stuck around for most of the afternoon trying different beers and playing darts.

We eventually went back Grand Rapids and hung out with the doggies before dinner. Eric and I weren’t the only ones catching up with old friends. Sura had a lot of fun playing with her best friends too!

Lucky for us, she was so tired from playing that she was able to sleep well the next morning as we drove to Indiana.